World Bank Commissioned Report* : Turn Down the Heat: Why a 4°C Warmer World Must Be Avoided


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OKC IM is a part of the OK Carbon Group (OK Carbon Limited Company), We are an investment and sustainable asset management advisory. We advise and invest in companies, emerging markets, technologies and transformational projects that adress our climate change, sustainability, natural resource and energy on demand issues.

OK Carbon, it's partners and investors have a unified focus to address key issues and stimulate low carbon transitional change through supporting the sustainable action, ingenuity and transformational changes required to manage our resources and control both our local and regional environments - together we assist in the development and deployment of the innovation, technologies, commercial activities and projects required to deliver the environmental controls to avert the potential catastrophic effects of global warming - We have a combined purpose to continually reduce GHG Emissions to attain a globally acceptable (OK Carbon) CO2 level

Whilst we have a clearly defined strategy to drive out carbon, our core objective is to reduce risk, optimize emerging market opportunities, commercial actvity and scalable growth, providing  both environmental impact and a promising ROI (return on investments) for our Clients, Investors and Fund Management Partners.

....Together We Make a Local, Regional and Global Impact